The story of 75 years of Ni-Cd Battery manufacture in Redditch

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Hunt End

The Hunt End site was acquired in 1918 and production began in 1920. They manufactured only the nickel-cadmium batteries based on the Swedish Nife technology.  Gallery......

Union Street - Beginnings

Britannia Batteries began in 1929 in Union Street manufacturing lead acid, dry cells, nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron cells. It had a disastrous fire during WW2 but the workforce had the factory up and running again very quickly and both the Union Street and Hunt End works did much for the war effort.

In 1947 both sites were merged to become Alkaline Batteries Ltd operating from the Union Street Site. Gallery......

Union Street - Full Ahead!

From the end of the second world war the Redditch factory expanded and introduced many new products. It was a time of innovation and change.

However, following two changes of ownership the Redditch site ceased to operate in 1998, bringing to an end 75 years of alkaline battery manufacture in Redditch. Gallery...

From Closure to the Present Time

The Redditch site was closed in 1998 and new development began in 2002 when B&Q opened a new warehouse.

This was followed by further developments which are still continuing. Gallery...

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