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Welcome to the history of Alcad site. Here you will find information on the manufacture of nickel-cadmium batteries in Redditch which continued over a period of 75 years.

The manufacture of nickel cadmium batteries began in Redditch early in the last century and, in its heyday it was one of the major sites for the manufacture of this type of battery throughout the world.

Redditch was unique in having, at one time, two manufacturers of this type of battery at two different sites and you will find a chronology of the history in the ‘History’ section along with a location map and a general history of batteries.

In the technology there is an overview of the technology behind the nickel-cadmium pocket plate industrial cell.

In the ‘Gallery’ section there is a selection of photographs over the time in Redditch and in the ‘Extras’ section some interesting additional information.

Sadly, the manufacture is no longer carried out in Redditch, but  there are still many of its products working throughout the world and the Alcad brand name is still recognised as one of quality.